Connect OrgWiki to Active Directory with Okta Cloud Connect. For free.

With Okta, you can connect OrgWiki to your AD using the Okta agent and solve a multitude of login and user administration issues.

  • Configure Okta in minutes. Download the Okta AD or LDAP agent and install it on any Windows Server with access to your Domain Controller, or use the Okta LDAP agent in your Linux environment.
  • Eliminate login and password hassles. Access OrgWiki with existing corporate credentials.
  • Automate user management. Automatically provision, update and deprovision employees into OrgWiki when updates occur in AD or LDAP.
Is Okta Cloud Connect really free?

Yes! Its free forever for an unlimited number of users.

What’s included in Okta Cloud Connect for OrgWiki?

Universal Directory, Single Sign-On, Adaptive MFA and Provisioning restricted for use with OrgWiki.

Okta Active Directory Integration Overview Configure Okta for OrgWiki

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